Tirana, city of incredible diversity and complexity

Life stories and happenings
C’kemi! Hard a bit to believe, but at my half a century age, this is my first intercultural experience abroad. Went by to airplanes, one from Bucharest, and the other from Rome to reach in Tirana after almost 27 hours travelling from my hometown. In Roumania, the people were asking my other collegue why to go to Tirana, and what to do there, and warned us that is dangerous.  Tirana for others, has nothing to offer, and they also have nothing to offer to albanian folks. I had an albanian touristic guide, “Tirana in your pocket”, but didn’t read and studied to much from it, to not go with some very high expectation and prejudices. I knew for sure that I was going into a place very different from Roumania,that…
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