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Dacă îți pasă/Apasă

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9 februarie 2014

Lumea e nebuna, pt ideile ei, pentru dragoste.

Cand ma plictisesc, scriu. Orice aproape, ce imi trece prin cap. Doresc sa imi golesc capul. Vagabonzi in autobuz care miros foarte urat, tigani ce sunt deranjati de acel miros.

Dorinta de a suna o fata anume, de a fi receptionist, dorinta de a fi fluent in engleza, de a avea C2 certificat.

E nevoie de munca constanta, zilnica, care ma inspaimanta.

Tinerii care s-au sarutat nebuneste pe strada s-au pus in acelasi autobuz cu mine.

Caldura infernala si miros de cipsuri. Ne place, place, place junk-foodul.

In dreapta mea, steagul Canadei si un graffiti negru.Safri Duo-Mad, mad world. New writing, more beautifull, paying  more attention to this minor detail.I draw the letters, I’m an artist of the words, of the WORLD. The paper is my canvas.Where could be the limit?I wonder.

How could I exploit this stuff?Can you answer me?

I look through the windows of the coffe shops and I see a lot of sad people.Why?Are you a sad person or not?

Light in the bus.Finally!

What’s in your mind,Mihai?Are you afraid of the wolf?Happiness that I finally found a rent.And a quite nice one.

Old desire:to see the town from the Cetatuie hill by night.When it will happen?

Calendula pharmacy

Panemar and Capricio place.Faculty of languages and Petros bookshop

Heading to the train-station.

Issue of Cluj-Napoca:bad looking and bad-smelling underground passage.Will they fix it someday, somehow?

The joy of the pink pants and redhair that laughs when talking with her boyfriend.

Tip 1,50 RON

It’s not if you can or not, it’s about wanting

Dacă îți pasă/Apasă

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