Episode1-Forget about the money

Dacă îți pasă/Apasă

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Forget about the money when you are starting a new project,. Try in  the beginning to bring value, to make a better you, to surround yourself with nice and good people, give your best and the rest will come and follow.


When we concentrate over money we tend to loose the pleasure, the passion and emphasize the transaction, giving and taking. I admit, it is a process, but first it should be

the passion, the need to develop it, to make it known, to improve yourself, to improve others.

When you give value, you will receive money. You will receive blessings, that come through money also. You will receive joy, the joy of seeing people transformed.

I started this podcast from the need to improve myself, to bring and share

my ideas to the world.


Forget about success when you are starting a new project and focus

on doing it. You will have setbacks, for sure.

Concentrate your efforts on giving the best that you can and concentrate

on deliverance.


Bring passion, bring joy and give the best in you.

Audio Source: Youtube library Wok Hard-Mike Relm


Dacă îți pasă/Apasă

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